Haleigh's Haven

On October 17th 2007 the doors opened to reveal a secret world of lights, music, and butterflies.
The children with wide eyed excitement peaked through the door. WOW! COOL! and loud gasps is all that could be heard. Haleigh’s portrait with her angelic smile greets the children and welcomes
them to her room, her family has so lovingly created in her memory. This labour of love was created as a place that children with special needs could go to relax during their school day. The room has had a positive impact on all the children who have spent time there. They look forward to going to play with toys that are made just for them. The school day can be trying for some or our children, but Haleigh’s Haven has changed that. Students may enter the room tired or anxious but they leave happy and rejuvenated. As some of our children grow older their limitations can be more apparent but with the sensory room there are no boundaries or limitations. For a moment they are surrounded by sights and sounds meant only for them. A special place for them to be.

A Special Place To Be Me
I love this room
I love this place
I love the lights
I love the space
I love the sounds That fill the air
The feeling of floating
In the chair
I love the bubbles
I love the balls
I love music
I love it all.
Three cheers for Haleigh, And her family.
Who gave this special place, A place to be me.